Info & Resources


ABC Typography
a virtual type museum.

Frequently Asked Questions on alt.binaries.fonts

Microsoft Typography
TrueType core fonts for the Web, Font Properties software, font development tools plus articles, specifications, etc.

Planet Typography
dedicated to the art and the science of typography.

TrueType Typography
includes a History of TrueType, TrueType Glossary, TrueType Q&A and more.

"to promote typefaces as creative works and to advocate their legal protection as intellectual property"

Will-Harris House
designs, writings, Typofile Magazine and more.

Other Resources

Building Letters
Building Letters brings together designers from around the world to raise funds for charity projects through the publication of a magazine.
Interviews with font designers. Millions of clipart images, photos, web graphics, fonts and sounds!

3D Icons

24 Character Fonts

Foopy Fonts