Other Font Tools

3D Effects

Effect 3D Studio
Creates professional 3D animated graphics.

FontTwister lets you create impressive text effects for web pages, illustration, multimedia projects and presentations in seconds.

Create font effects for your web site, design great logos and create animation sequences from any effect.


Advanced Font Catalog
Advanced Font Catalog is an easy to use tool with an explorer-like interface which allows you to catalog the font files on your drives: hard drives (including network drives), CD-ROMs, optical disks, ZIP disks, Jazz disks and other media.

Print & view every character of any installed or uninstalled font; Compile a FontDings portfolio; Reference all access keys.

Microsoft's Font Tools

Font Properties Editor
"Add links, descriptions and license information to the TrueType and OpenType™ fonts you create."

Font Properties Extension
"Once installed details of a particular font's copyright, embedding permissions, hinting, multi-language support, and other features are just a right-click away."

Font Smoother
"With this small utility you can activate font smoothing (also known as grayscaling or antialiasing)."

Microsoft Typography Homepage


An excellent utility for viewing and printing your font collection. You can view by Font Family or Technology as well as view fonts in a folder, ie, fonts not installed.

Font Page
With FontPage you can examine and compare all fonts on your system, view them with all type specifications available (bold, italic, underline as well as in 3D) and print a fontpage of any installed font on your computer.


AL Font Installer
This program provides a more convenient way of installing new fonts plus you can view fonts before they are installed including character sets.

Check your fonts and operating system for supporting the Euro sign.

Renames truetype font files (*.ttf) to the real name of the typefaces.

Fonts on CD
Free utility for browsing non installed fonts directly from CD.

iCLIPART.com Millions of clipart images, photos, web graphics, fonts and sounds!

3D Icons

24 Character Fonts

Foopy Fonts