Font Identifiers

Based on a special algorithm and a huge font database FontExpert is able to identify typefaces from scanned documents; try it online or buy the CD ROM.

Font-Finder have put together their own collection or resources here in hopes that it will assist people in finding out more about the fonts they're interested in.

FontMatch searches the computer hard drive to electronically match and identify the font you are trying to match visually with the naked eye. FontMatch eliminates having to manually search through all of the fonts installed on your computer one at a time.

Unique font identifier that enables you to identify a font from a sample by answering a series of simple questions.

Name This Font
A Practical Encyclopedia of Letterforms in 2 volumes covers 19,000 letterforms or 740 fonts.

Upload a scanned image of a font and WhatTheFont will show you the closest matches in their database. Millions of clipart images, photos, web graphics, fonts and sounds!

3D Icons

24 Character Fonts

Foopy Fonts