Font Creation

FontLab makes software for font design, font conversion and font editing including: FontLab Studio, Fontographer, AsiaFont Studio, BitFonter, CompoCompiler, FONmaker, FontFlasher, ScanFont, SigMaker and TypeTool.

Font CreatorHigh-Logic Font Creator
Font Creator puts font creation within the grasp of the average PC user, typographers and graphic designers. The editor lets you easily select and modify the entire character set of any TrueType font and fonts based on OpenType font technology. Features include the ability to convert (scanned) images to outlines, thus enabling you to create fonts with your own signature, logo and handwriting. Font Creator is fully functional during the 30 day trial period.

Pilot Font Editor
Pilot Font Editor can make custom fonts for Palm and Handspring connected organizers.

ParaType offers FastFont which generates TrueType font from your own handwritting. Can be used to modify existing fonts. Creates PI-fonts with pictogramms. Has an intuitive, easy to use interface. Provides quick rendering using state-of-the art technology. FastFont creates TrueType fonts that work with any text processor. You don't simply get a picture, but a real font you can use just about anywhere.

Version 1.07
Shareware by Dave Emmett
Softy allows you to create and update TrueType and bitmap fonts. It runs under Windows (3.1, 95, NT), and requires a 386 or better. Supported bitmap font formats are at present Windows FON and FNT, and LaserJet SFP and SFL soft fonts. Millions of clipart images, photos, web graphics, fonts and sounds!

3D Icons

24 Character Fonts

Foopy Fonts