Font Conversion

Acute Systems
Makers of CrossFont for Windows - convert TrueType and PostScript Type1 fonts between Macintosh and PC platforms. Acute also have TransMac which is a Windows (3.1/95/NT) utility that can read, write and format Macintosh high density diskettes, CDROMs, and SCSI drives.

AFP Font Converter converts an AFP font into Adobe's Type1 or/and Microsoft's TrueType Format. Then you can use your AFP font in MS Windows application instead of using font substitution tables. Additionally you can display an AFP font character set, view single AFP characters as well as install, deinstall, view and print converted fonts.

FogLamp is a Fontographer source file converter. It turns Fontographer 3.5-4.1 database files (.fog) into FontLab VFB files (.vfb) that are compatible with TypeTool, TransType, FontLab (Studio) and AsiaFont Studio. With this solution, you can make OpenType fonts using Fontographer or salvage your old .fog projects.

FONmaker takes Adobe Type 1 and TrueType fonts and convert them to bitmap (FON, FNT, BDF, SFL, or SFP) fonts at whatever size you want. Does everything you need to produce new bitmap fonts.

Macromedia Flash uses TrueType fonts, but in smaller sizes, these fonts can look fuzzy. FontFlasher converts almost any format font into a pixelfonts crisp outline fonts that simulate bitmaps. This improves legibility of screen text in small font sizes.

With ScanFont, you can turn graphics into fonts. Any bitmap image or outline illustration can be quickly converted into a fully-workable font. ScanFont 3 for Windows is a stand-alone application that supports bitmap graphics (does not support outline formats). ScanFont 4 for Mac supports bitmap and outline graphics and works as a plugin for FontLab Studio 5 or TypeTool.

TransType is a universal font convertor. In seconds you can convert any outline font to any other format (truetype and type 1) on Mac and PC. TransType converts fonts between major font formats: PostScript Type 1, TrueType, Multiple Master. The Pro edition also supports OpenType. TransType is available in two editions: Pro (Professional) and SE (Standard Edition), and runs on Mac and Windows. Millions of clipart images, photos, web graphics, fonts and sounds!

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