A series of letter fonts in circles, squares, triangles and other shapes all 100% freeware for personal or commercial use.

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All Fonts & Things original fonts are 100% freeware for personal or commercial use.

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To download a file from the site click on the text link below the sample graphic to download either a Font (TTF) or Graphic (PNG) file. A TTF file is the font you will need to install (see below) if you wish to recreate the same settings with the font shown in our sample.
All downloadable files on the site are saved in .ZIP format meaning you will need to extract the contents before you can use them. You will need to have an application such as WinZip to extract the contents. There are several freeware programs available that allow you to uncompress these files as well. Here are a few: FreeZip, 7-Zip and!.
In Windows click START then SETTINGS then CONTROL PANEL. From the Control Panel double click FONTS. Select File then Install New Font... In the following dialog box locate the font files you have extracted (unzipped), select them and then click OK. Please note that often Windows will not recognize fonts (TTF files) if you merely unzip them to the FONTS folder. It is better to do a proper install as above.
It has been reported to us that sometimes the "Install New Font..." option does not appear as outlined in the above process. One solution to this has proved to be using a font management application to install new fonts. Please see the Font Management page in Tools for more info. For a detailed explanation and solution see the Other font management issues FAQ at Microsoft.
All Original Fonts (TTF) created by Fonts & Things are released as freeware for personal and commercial use.
All PNG files are free for personal and commercial use.
See Terms and Conditions for distribution information and terms.
If you are having a problem not covered here you can submit a question via the contact page. Feedback and comments are also welcome.

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